Land Fitness Classes…more coming soon

$15/class or included any All Access Membership

Bro' ga!

7:30 - 8:30am

Taught by Adam Weatherford. Although mental and spiritual balance is an aspect of Bro’ga, the emphasis is on core-strengthening exercises and poses, muscle-toning and cardiovascular work. High intensity interval training is even woven into Bro’ga! yoga classes. Because men tend to have less flexibility than women, Bro’ga! offers modifications of yoga poses so men don't feel like they have to reach certain standards of flexibility, like touching their toes. Increased flexibility and stress reduction are gradual benefits rather than specific goals. Bro’ga! classes steer away from traditional "yoga speak" and terminology, and even forgo the calming chants and soft music for more mainstream rock music.

Lunchtime Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Taught by Adam Weatherford. Yoga is like a moving meditation. Not only does it allow you to exercise every major muscle group in the body, but it also allows you to connect with your breath, body, and mind. A slower-paced flow is the perfect respite to counter the bustling activity of the workday. ALL aspects/benefits of a traditional yoga class, simply designed for humans on the go! Whether it’s In between jobs, shifts, errands, or even on your lunch break our goal is to help you fit it whenever and however you can.

Fitness Yoga

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Taught by Charmaine Saulsbury. This class flows balance, strength, flexibility and power together in a fitness format.  Fitness Yoga is about exploring your limits physically and mentally, working all parts of your body equally to create balance that will compliment other activities of daily life. The class is offered in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere to release stress and tension. It is appropriate for beginners with some experience through experienced students. Options and modifications are offered so the pose can work for you. More challenging poses and breathing techniques (yoga pranayama) may be offered with instructions to assist you.