Saturday, January 26

8:00 am | Rise and Shine Yoga (50 minutes)

Start your day with Athletic based yoga moves built around the pushup, balanced and calm that only yoga can deliver

12:30 pm | Tabata Pyramids (30 minutes)

Not your average Tabata class!  Mark and Kim keep it interesting with pyramid sets of increasing and decreasng work intervals and the option to use kettlebell or dumbbell for your strength exercises. 

3:30 pm | Jammin'!  Dance class (35 minutes)

This WELLBEATS Classic is a max calorie burning workout that will change your body forever.  We keep your motivated and moving with solid strength building moves and cardio intervals

Virtual Group Training and Classes

Wellbeats offers over 22 channels and hundreds of virtual fitness classes with something for every age, stage and ability. Videos can be tutorial, basic, and a variety of other classes, ranging from 1 – 50 minutes in length.

Take a class on your schedule! If the fitness classroom is not being used you can use Wellbeats!

Wellbeats Classes are included in the Standard Membership.